National Seminar 2017

Prerana 2017



Smt. V. Srvanthi

NET, SET Admitted into Ph.D. at OU


Smt. S. Sarika

NET, SET Admitted into Ph.D. at OU


Smt. G. Saroja

M.Phill, Admitted into Ph.D. at KU


Sri M. Murali

NET, Admitted into Ph.D. at Madha University


Smt. Ch. Bhargavi

Two Gold madels in PG


Sri K. Venu Reddy

Admitted into Ph.D. at GITAM University


Smt. M. Sravanthi



Smt. K. Radhika


Students Achievements

  • M. Vinod Kumar     
  • Presented a paper on challenges & Prospects Banking sector in India in Vaagdev College.
  • Organized marketing event in prerana 2K17 in Vaagdevi College.
  • Participated and won all inter College Tournament Games and awarded with Certificates.
  • Got I Rank in all 3 Semesters in MBA with 9.8
  • Participated in Prerana meets in Alluri and Vaagdevi Colleges and got 4th Place in Young Manager Compition in Vaagdevi College (Kishanpura).


  • D. Sreeja – (15641E0049)
  • Participated in Mantra 2K17 and Performing dance in Vaagdevi College (Kishanpura).
  • A. Nishanka – (15641E0053)
  • Sing a Song in Orientation & Freshers in Vaagdevi College of Engineering.
  • Participatd in HR Activities.


  • P. Mounika – (15641E0004)
  • Present a paper on Challenges & Prospects in Banking Industry in India in Vaagdevi College National Seminar.
  • Organized marketing Event in Prerana 2K17 in Vaagdevi College of Engineering.
  • Present a Traditional Dance in Prerana 2K17.
  • Participated in Alluri & Vaagdevi meets.
  • Anchoring in Fresher’s Party.
  • Got I first Prize in Rangoli Competition.
  • K. Anil – (15641E0024)
  • Participated in Prerana 2K17.
  • Organizing freshers Party.


  • MD. Ziauddin – (15641E0039)
  • Member in Marketing Event in Prerana 2K17.
  • Harry Bentik – (15641E0038)
  • Member in Marketing Event in Prerana 2K17.


  • M. Sandya – (15641E0006)
  • Dance in Prerana 2K17.
    • K. Ramya – 15641E0050)
    • Got 2nd Prize in Rangoli Competition.
    • Got 1st Prize in Freshers Party.

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