Vaagdevi College of Engineering

The Institute has, at present 380 faculty members, and as a policy the institute maintains the teacher-taught ratio of 1:15. All of them have postgraduate qualification and 10% faculty members have doctoral degrees from prestigious institutions. Majority of the faculty members of the Institute are. life members of ISTE and other professional bodies like IETE, IEEE.

    1. To provide a healthy educational environment for students and staff to cater to the needs of the Society.
    2. To provide a creative environment and innovative approach to the learning process.
    3. To spread engineering/technological awareness at all levels.
    4. To contribute for the development of this region in particular and the nation in general.
    1. Providing latest technical knowledge, analytical and practical skills, managerial competence and interactive abilities to students, so that the employability of the products of this College enhanced.
    2. Strengthening links with industry and commerce.
    3. Providing a strong human resource base catering to the changing needs of the Industry and Commerce.
    4. To create an educational environment in which students are prepared to meet the challenges of the modern Industry and Society.
    5. To inculcate a sense of brother-hood and National Integrity.

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